Bounty Bob Strikes Back!

2049 2: 2049er.

Source // Big Five Software

I couldn't recall Bob in the first place, let alone him striking back, but it doesn't take long to find out that Bounty Bob Strikes Back! is a sequel to Miner 2094er. The two titles look and play very similarly, with Bounty Bob Strikes Back! adding some depth to the platforms, as well as fleshing out the world a little bit more, whatever crazy world we're inhabiting.


Like Miner 2049er before it, Bounty Bob Strikes Back! looks simpler than it is, while at the same time looking harder than you might imagine. The gameplay is identical: walk over each tile while avoiding (or more likely destroying) the foes in your way. You can be taken out with a single touch of an enemy or by falling too far, and you will probably do both often, and memories of your time with Miner 2049er will come flooding back.

Yes, I know I need to grab an item before I can get rid of an enemy and that there is no other way to do so, I just need to sit and think which enemies I can reach in the very brief amount of time that they're vulnerable to me. I have to plan all my routes so that I get an item, defeat as many enemies as I can with it, move on the next item and worry about the floor later. Thankfully the floor only kills you when you fall hard on it.

It's terrifyingly simple when you write it out, but my gaming experience was largely the same as Miner 2049er - I'll do that, that, tha- bollocks, missed my jump. I'll do that, that, that, th- goddamn ghost mushroom got me. That, that, tha- nope, bloody jumping physics...

Fun Times

But that's not to say that Bounty Bob Strikes Back! should be avoided at all. With 25 levels expanding on the platforming with slides, teleporters and suction tubes, it really is an example of taking what worked in the past and doing more of it.

Even if you suck at it, even if it looks daunting, you probably won't be put off by it. You might not get anywhere with it, but I don't feel like I was hard done by. With practice, I'd get to grip with the physics a bit more, I'd know how and when best to jump, I'd have a better sense of how long enemies are vulnerable for and so on. Until then, I'll just have to enjoy not making a whole lot of progress.

Do your credits get carried in letter by letter by birds? Didn't think so...

Final Word

I can't find too much fault with Bounty Bob Strikes Back!. It's not the prettiest game, but it isn't off putting. It sounds alright for what it needs to do, but is still bleepy bloopy whoopy. It's simple in theory but challenging in practice. It's a game I want to be better at - should be better at - but aren't. 

And that is how you can sum up an awful lot of games...

Bounty Bob Strikes Back! is well worth playing, or attempting to play, whichever applies to you.

Fun Facts

The sequel to Miner 2049er was going to reach lofty heights, being based around a skyscraper, with Bob becoming a fireman. Instead, he was left in the mines to strike back.

Bounty Bob Strikes Back!, developed by Big Five Software, first released in 1984.
Version played: Atari 5200, 1984, via emulation.
Version watched: C64, 1985 (DerSchmu)